Ink Cartridge Generic Reduced Height Black (c6602a)

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The HP C6602A Extended TIJ 1.0 Print Cartridge is ideal for transaction printing and remote printing applications where print economy and reliability are paramount. This print cartridge in black offer fast dry times and water resistance across a broad range of papers and media.


  • HP designed the C6602A (black) print cartridge is offering very fast dry times and water resistance across a broad range of papers and media. The special ink formulation in these print cartridges dries in less than one-half second on all common papers used in the banking, retail, hospitality, and other transaction printing environments. Non-contact, drop-on-demand inkjet technology delivers reliable, quiet printing on irregular porous surfaces, as well as inserted slips and checks. Small size and low power consumption make these print cartridges ideal for compact and battery-driven applications.
  • This print cartridge is designed to print 96 dots per inch, using special dye-based inks, and typically deliver over seven million characters per cartridge for economical, non-stop printing. When replacement is needed, the print cartridges can be quickly and easily snapped in and out for headache-free, cost-effective printing.


  • HP's Extended TIJ 1.0 Print Cartridges offer:
    • Low-cost printing and marking capability in a variety of colors
    • Fast-drying, water-fast, and fade-resistant inks for the kind of print permanence that record keeping and transaction receipts require
    • High ink capacity in a compact form for economical operation of small print devices
    • Non-contact, drop-on-demand thermal inkjet technology that delivers quiet printing
    • Easy, snap-in replacement, eliminating the need for specialized training and service calls


Ink type Black
Resolution 96 dpi
Nozzle count 12
Print swath .125 in.
Maximum firing frequency 3.0 kHz for text (~31.25 inches/second or ~375 characters/second); 1.5 kHz for graphics; horizontal firing recommended
Print cartridge dimensions 44 mm x 39 mm x 25 mm
Avg. drop volume 160 pl
Avg. delivered ink (ccs) 18 ccs
Operating conditions 10 to 40° C, 10 to 80% RH