Aten DVI Optical Fiber KVM Extender (600m)

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DVI Optical KVM Extender

The CE680 is a DVI Optical KVM Extender that overcomes length restrictions of standard DVI cables by using fiber optics to send high definition audio, video and control signals over longer distances. The CE680 can transmit KVM DVI signals very long distances - up to 600 m away from the source. The extender takes audio/video streams from the local source and serializes the data to pass it over a single 3.125 Gbps optical link, for resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz, 24-bits, with picture perfect quality.

In addition to extending keyboard and mouse control, the CE680 also transfers RS-232 signals (up to 115 kbps) and USB signals in both directions, with ports for both, allowing you to connect serial devices, such as barcode scanners; or USB devices such as touchscreens, which can provide access to a computer connected at the local site - up to 600 m away.

The CE680 allows access to a computer from both the local and remote consoles (USB keyboard, monitor, and mouse). Furthermore, the CE680 takes advantage of the newest fiber optic cable technology to connect the local and remote units; providing easy installation and a very long 600 m extension of KVM DVI signals.



Package Contents


  • 1x CE680L DVI Optical KVM Extender (Local Unit)
  • 1x CE680R DVI Optical KVM Extender (Remote Unit)
  • 1x Custom KVM Cable Set (1.8m)
  • 1x USB Cable (1.8m)
  • 2x Power Adapters
  • 1x Mounting Kit
  • 1x User Instructions






  • Allows access to a computer or KVM installation from a local / remote console
  • Supports DVI-D interface and allows transmission of DVI single-link signals
  • Superior video quality of up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz (24-bits) - get an excellent, crisp image on your screen over long distance transmissions up to 600 m*
  • Touchscreen support - connect a generic touchscreen, including devices up to 10-point multi-touch, to accommodate highly interactive applications (no extra drivers needed)
  • Dual console operation - control your system from both the local and remote USB keyboard, monitor, and mouse consoles
  • Uses one fiber optic cable to connect the local and remote units
  • HDCP compatible
  • RS-232 serial port - connect to a serial terminal, or serial devices such as barcode scanners (Baud Rate 115200 bps)
  • PC Wakeup support - use a pushbutton on a Remote Unit to wake a PC at the local site via RS-232
  • Audio Enabled - supports stereo speakers and microphone
  • Rack mountable









Function  CE680L // CE680R

  • Connectors  KVM Ports  
    Video  1 x DVI-D Female (White) //  N/A
    Speaker  1 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Green) //  N/A
    Mic.  1 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Pink)  N/A
    USB (KB / Mouse)  1 x USB Type B Female (White) // N/A
    USB (Touch Panel)  1 x USB Type B Female (White) // N/A
  • Console Ports  Keyboard  
    1 x USB Type A Female (White)
    Video  1 x DVI-D Female (White)
    Mouse  1 x USB Type A Female (White)
    Speaker  1 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Green)
    Mic.  1 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Pink)
    USB (Touch Panel)  1 x USB Type A Female (White)
    RS-232  1 x DB-9 Female (Black) // 1 x DB-9 Male (Black)
    Power  1 x DC Jack (Black)
    Optical In/Out  1 x bi-directional SFP (LC)



  • Local  1 (Green)  // N/A
  • Remote  1 (Green) // 1 (Green)
  • Link  1 (Green) // 1 (Green)



  • Operation Mode Selection  1 x PushbuttonWakeup PC
  • N/A // 1 x Pushbutton


Fiber Optics  


  • Operating Distance*  600 m with (SM) fiber
  • Wavelength  1310/1550 nm for SM
  • Data rate  Single fiber: 3.125G bps

Power Consumption  


  • DC5.3V, 10.2W  // DC5.3V, 9.0W



  • Operating Temp.  050C
  • Storage Temp.  -2060C
  • Humidity  080% RH, Non-condensing


Physical Properties  


  • Housing  Metal
  • Weight  1.09 kg // 1.09 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)  21.50x16.29x4.18cm  // 21.50x16.29x4.18cm