Barcode Scanner Ds3608 Rugg Gr Vibr Motor USB Cba-u46-s07zar Shield Cable

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unstoppable performance for high density 1d/2d barcodes as a member of the zebra 3600 ultra-rugged series of scanners, the practically indestructible 1d/2d ds3608-hd corded and ds3678-hd cordless scanner is ready for one of the world's toughest environments - the electronics manufacturing production line. you get the truly unstoppable performance you need to prevent the high cost of unplanned production line downtime. your workers get first-time every time capture of the many types of small and high-density barcodes printed on the components in the products you make. and since these scanners also capture standard barcodes in virtually any condition, you get a real value - unstoppable performance in a single flexible device that can meet scanning needs from the assembly line to the warehouse.