Rfs-7000 Wireless Switch 128 Access Point License Capacity

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Product Details


Get the performance and scalability you need to propel your large, high-bandwidth wireless network. Built on Motorola's Wi-NG architecture, the RFS7000 enables campus-wide roaming across subnets with a wireless switch that improves failover capabilities, enhances quality of service, increases voice capacity and provides superior security.


  • Centralized multicore/multithreaded architecture
    Provides security and high performance for bandwidth-heavy applications, while centralized management lowers the overall cost of network deployment and administration.
  • Unified RF management platform
    Improve business process flow and enable data sharing by managing multiple RF networks, such as wi-fi, RFID, 802.11n and Wi-MAX, on a single switch.
  • L2 and L3 roaming
    Seamless roaming of mobile clients across even complex distributed networks.
  • Comprehensive layered security
    Provides exceptional levels of data and network protection without sacrificing fast roaming.
  • Clustering and load balancing
    Ensures an “always-on” highly available network for superior performance, while supporting multiple levels of redundancy and failover capabilities.
  • Adaptive AP: Extending the Enterprise
    Enables centralized management of mesh access points at remote sites as well as site survivability of those remote locations.

General Features

    • 1:many redundancy
    • Active:active failover
    • Active:standby failover
    • Automatic load balancing
    • Clustering
    • Pre-emptive roaming
    • Self healing (On RF coverage loss)
    • Auto-update with DHCP
    • CLI (serial, telnet, SSH)
    • DHCP client
    • DHCP relay
    • DHCP server
    • MIBS
    • Multiple user roles
    • SNMP (v1, v2, v3)
    • SNTP (Secure Network Time Protocol)
    • Secure Web-based GUI (HTTP, HTTPS, SSL)
    • Syslogs
    • TFTP client
    • Text-based switch configuration files
    • 802.11-802.3 bridging
    • 802.1D-1999 Ethernet bridging
    • 802.1q-VLAN tagging and trunking
    • IP packet steering - redirection
    • Proxy ARP


Access control lists L2/3/4 ACLs, Network Address Translation( NAT) support
Anomaly analysis Source Media Access Control (MAC) = Destination MAC; illegal frame sizes; Source MAC is multicast; TKIP countermeasures; all zero addresses
Authentication Access Control Lists (ACLS); pre-sharedkeys (PSK);: 802.1x/EAP — transport layer security (TLS), tunneled transport layer security (TTLS), protected EAP(PEAP); Kerberos Integrated AAA/RADIUS Server with native support for EAP-TTLS and EAP-PEAP (includes a built-in user name/password database; supports LDAP)
IPSec VPN gateway Supports DES, 3DES, AES-128 and AES-256 encryption, with site-to-site and client-to-site VPN capabilities
NAC support with third party systems from Microsoft and Sygate Yes
Packet filtering L2/3/4 stateful packet analysis, Network address translation (NAT)
RADIUS support (standard and Motorola vendor specific attributes) Allowed ESSIDs (Motorola VSA), Location-based authentication (Motorola VSA), MAC-based authentication (standard), User-based QoS (Motorola VSA), User-based VLANs (standard)
Secure guest access (Hotspot provisioning) Customizable login/welcome pages, Local web-based authentication, Support for external authentication/billing systems, URL redirection for user login
Stateful packet inspection firewall Yes
Transport encryption KeyGuard, WEP 40/128 (RC4), WPA2-CCMP (AES), WPA-TKIP
Wireless IDS Multi-mode rogue AP detection, client blacklisting, excessive authentication,/associations; excessive probes; excessive disassociation/deauthentications; excessive decryption errors; excessive authentication failures; excessive 802.11 replay; excessive crypto IV failures( TKIP/CCMP replay)

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions (HxWxD) 44.45mm x 440mm x 390.8mm
Form factor Standard 1RU
MTBF 65,000 Hours
Physical interfaces Four 10/100/1000 Cu/SFP Ethernet interfaces, one 10/100 OOB port, one CF card slot, two USBslots, one serial port (RJ45 style)
Weight 13.5lbs / 6.12kg