Internal Zebranet 10/100 Printserver

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Zebra printers offer unparalleled durability and reliability. With the ZebraNet PrintServer II your Zebra printer becomes an integral part of the network, continuously ready to support your bar coding needs. Available with most of Zebra’s printers, the ZebraNet PrintServer II allows easy connection and management of ZPL-based Zebra printers.
Today’s world of computer networks is complex, but with the affordably priced ZebraNet PrintServer II installing and maintaining a Zebra printer on a network is easy. Just connect it to the printer’s parallel port and the ZebraNet PrintServer II is ready to serve your print and networking needs. Plus, the internal version allows new capabilities without enlarging the printer’s footprint.

Compatible With

  • 105SL
  • 110XiIIIPlus
  • 140XiIIIPlus
  • 170XiIIIPlus
  • 220XiIIIPlus
  • LP 2824-Z
  • R-140
  • R110PAX3
  • R110PAX4
  • R110Xi
  • R110XiIIIPlus
  • R170Xi
  • R2844-Z
  • R402
  • R4Mplus
  • S4M
  • S600
  • TLP 2824-Z
  • Z4Mplus
  • Z6Mplus