Wireless Print Solutions Adapter

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Your work is wireless. Now printing can be, too. Add wireless connectivity to any Ethernet-compatible printer or multifunction printer (MFP) that needs it. The Xerox® Wireless Print Solutions Adapter seamlessly connects your Xerox printer or MFP to modern mobile and desktop workflows, regardless of your office environment


  • PhaserT 4622, Phaser 5550,Phaser 7500, Phaser 7100, Phaser 6700, Phaser 6600,Phaser 3260, Phaser 6500,Phaser 3610, Phaser 3320,Phaser 7800
  • ColorQubeT 9301/9302/9303, WorkCentreT 3225,ColorQube 8900
  • WorkCentre 5325/5330/5335, Xerox® D95A/D110/D125, WorkCentre 7970, WorkCentre 5945/5955,
    WorkCentre 6655, WorkCentre 4265, WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890, WorkCentre 6505, WorkCentre 3615, WorkCentre 7220/7225,WorkCentre 3655, WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855, WorkCentre 6605
  • Xerox® Colour C60/C70


  • The Xerox® Wireless Print Solutions Adapter is your choice when:
  • Your printer or MFP is not connected to a network but you want the ability to print from mobile devices.
  • You need to bridge Wi-Fi connectivity with a traditional hardwire network.
  • You want Google Cloud PrintT 2.01, Mopria® or NFC2 tap-to-pair capabilities.
  • You own a Xerox printer or MFP without embedded Apple® AirPrintT support and want to add AirPrint1, 2 compatibility.
  • You want Wi-Fi Direct, which lets you connect your computer or mobile device to your printer or MFP wirelessly without the need for an access point or existing Wi-Fi network.
  • You need performance that comes from the cutting-edge Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard, which ensures data transfer that's almost twice as fast as existing 802.11n devices.
  • You need 256-bit encryption and advanced wireless security protocols, including WPA2T Enterprise, HTTPS, and industry-standard 802.1X authentication.
  • 1 Print device requires Adobe® PostScript® compatibility.
  • 2 Requires the Xerox® Print Service Plug-in for Android (available March 2016 at the Google Play Store).
  • 3 The Xerox Wireless Print Solutions Adapter's AirPrint functionality works with all Xerox printers and MFPs that natively support AirPrint, and enables AirPrint on older Xerox® devices listed below that do not natively support AirPrint.