Mediashare Wireless Portable Streaming Device

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Portable wireless streaming device for use with your tablet or smart phone. STORE, STREAM & SHARE...Anywhere! Uses an SD, SDHC, or SDXC card via the SD card slot and/or a USB drive or portable USB hard drive via the USB host port. Both the SD card slot and USB host port are hot swappable, and content can be transferred between the two storage formats when connected. Access content on any of the above storage formats wirelessly from your iOS or Android tablet/smart phone.  Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously to the MediaShare to share video, music, photo's, and data.  Upload and download content to and from your device  Password protected wireless access to files keeps your data safe and secure  MediaShare will act as a bridge to the WAN/Internet so you can play content from the internet whilst another device streams content from the MediaShare  Up to 9.5 hours of continued video playback* * based on 1 user. No USB connected. Playback from an SDXC card with video bit rate of 2mbps or less


• Wireless SD Card & USB reader
• Applications for iOS & Android
• Stream all* file formats supported by your smart phone or tablet
• Supports up to 5 simultaneous users
• Transfer content from smartphone or tablet to or from the USB or SD based storage
• Powered by rechargeable Li-Ion battery - 4-5 hours usage time
• Can bridge connection to another wireless network - wireless hotspot, iphone hotspot, 3G, etc.