DVD-ram Media 9.4GB 3x 5-pk T4

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DVD-RAM is a rewritable media that uses phase change technology for recording. Two generations of DVD-RAM are available: 2.6GB/5.2GB and 4.7GB/9.4GB. DVD-RAM is designed for data intensive, high performance applications. Data stored on DVD-RAM can be accessed in the same manner as a hard drive, with drag and drop capabilities, and can be overwritten 100,000 times. Double sided discs are available either in a Type 1 (non removable) cartridge (5.2GB capacity) or Type 4 (removable) cartridge (9.4GB capacity). Single sided discs are available bare, or with a Type 4 (disc removable) cartridge for reading in later generation DVD readers, DVD-Video players and DVD recorders. As of today DVD-RAM 2.6GB/5.2GB has been discontinued and we no longer carry any DVD-RAM of this type


  • High capacity; up to 9.4GB (double sided)
  • Fast random accessibility
  • Superior error correction defect management
  • 100,000 overwrites (3x media) / 10,000 overwrites (5x media)
  • Available in Jewel Case or Video Tall box
  • Removable and non-removable cartridge and bare disc configurations
  • Hardcoat Scratguard for superior protection


  • Capacity :9.4GB
  • Speed : 3x
  • Packaging : 5 Pack Cartridge T4