Digipass Pk For Remote Authentication 5 Users Standard Edition 64b (dp Go 6 Pls Idky Std Pls 1yr M)

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Digipass Pack for Remote Authentication is an 'out-of-the-box' strong authentication solution that doesn't require an infrastructure overhaul and is ideally suited for SMBs. You can allow access to sensitive information and internal applications from a remote location without compromising security or user convenience.

The Digipass Pack is specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses to provide a high level of security to organizations with limited IT resources and budgets. It carries all functionalities of an a la carte authentication solution and includes all necessary tools for a simple two-factor authentication rollout.

The DIGIPASS Pack solution replaces insecure static passwords with dynamic one-time passwords required for remote login to a network or application. Easy installation and integration makes it suitable for a variety of remote and business applications.


Fast and easy implementation

  • The Digipass Pack will interface with any radius client and web application with no additional programming requirements. This lightweight solution resides on your existing server,and involves minimal setup and management. There is no client software required and companies can secure access to their VPN,SSL-VPN,and web applications without extensive system modification.

No infrastructure overhaul

  • Digipass Strong Authentication does not change the underlying functionalities of your existing IT infrastructure and applications. It is compatible with most firewalls,access servers,and all radius-based VPNs.

Suited for SMBs

  • The Digipass Pack is a user friendly and minimally invasive security solution that can be easily deployed and managed by one person. It is suitable for organizations with as few as 5 remote users. Its high flexibility allows adding more users and applications as required.


Category Networking applications - remote access / login control
Product Type Box pack
Platform Windows
Bundled Support 1 Year Maintenance
Licence Type 5 users
System Requirements  
Supported OS Microsoft Windows (64 bit)
Service & Support  
Type Phone consulting - 1 year - response time:8 business hours - availability:24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday
E-mail consulting - 1 year - response time:8 business hours - availability:24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday
Remote installation & configuration - 1 year
New releases update - 1 year