DVD-rw Media Mini 2.8GB Double Sided 8cm 1pk

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Double sided 60 minute disc that is compatible with most DVD players, Playstation 2 consoles, and DVD−ROM drives. 30 minutes of recording on each side of the disc. Media can be recorded and re−recorded (overwritten) up to 1,000 times.


  • 60 minute double−sided disc, with 30 minutes of recording on each side
  • Captures all digital data brilliantly, and are large enough to hold oversized digital movie files
  • Creates, stores, and edits digital video, audio, and multimedia files
  • ompatible for playback with most DVD players and DVD−ROM drives

Please Note : that all recorded DVD's may not be playback compatible with some older and/or entry level DVD systems


  • Recording Time (approx.) : LP mode, 60 minutes; SP mode, 30 minutes; HQ mode, 20 minutes.
  • Capacity : 2.8GB
  • Diameter : 80mm
  • Thickness : 1.2mm
  • Erase/Write cycle (approx.) : up to 1000 times
  • Operation and Storage Conditions : −5 to 55 degrees Centigrade, 5 to 95% relative humidity