Lithium Battery 3v 1300mah Cr123ab1a

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Part Number: CR123AB1A
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Product Details


Sony Lithium Photo batteries - size CR123A - Blister of 1. Ideal for high drain photo equipment, Sony Lithium Photo batteries offer you the best of Sony battery technology. Available in a complete range of sizes.


  • Experience Sony's Absolute power for your cameras
  • Innovative blister design for greater shelf impact
  • Longer running time, especially in high drain equipment such as digital cameras and camera flashes.
  • Providing the high voltage required by cameras, Sony Lithium batteries are light-weight and can also be used in a wide range of temperatures, even in extremely hot and cold temperatures!
  • Their self-discharge rate is extremely low, even over a long period of time, giving you the reliability you need to power your camera!


  • General Data
    • Capacity (mAh) - 1400.0
    • Cells per pack - 1.0
    • Voltage (V) - 3.0
  • Logistical Data
    • Master Carton (pack) - 200.0
    • Sub-Carton (pack) - 10.0