Sonicwall Email Protection Sub + 24x7 Sup For Email Security 200 Software 50 Users - 1year

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The evolution of inbound e-mail threats has caused enormous concerns to IT organizations worldwide. Over the course of time, e-mail threats have become increasingly destructive and more complex to detect. Once a productivity tool, e-mail has rapidly become a vehicle for spam, viruses and phishing attacks. In order to provide maximum protection against these threats, e-mail security solutions need to be constantly updated. This involves a plethora of research and constant feedback from multiple sources. Without this research and ongoing updates, customers’ network security would be immediately compromised. In addition to threat updates, keeping your software or appliance firmware current is imperative for the health and longevity of your security solution. SonicWALL Email Protection Subscription and Dynamic Support ensures SonicWALL Email Security customers are protected from all the latest e-mail threats, no matter how complex. Ongoing anti-spam and anti-phishing updates guarantee the solution’s high levels of effectiveness and SonicWALL support ensures that any e-mail interruption is immediately resolved.


Spam filtering and continual updates

  • keep  annoying and dangerous messages out of the network.  SonicWALL anti-spam combines patented content  analysis, authentication and reputation, and the unique  one million-strong SMART Network to distinguish  legitimate mail from spam. SonicWALL Email Security  cross-analyzes this data and provides a definitive  judgment – not just a score, to protect e-mail from  spam attacks.

Anti-Phishing updates

  • ensures protection from  phishing attacks trying to steal confidential information  from both consumers and enterprise employees.  SonicWALL uniquely identifies and categorizes  phishing e-mails. This guarantees phishing attacks  are not only caught, but are clearly labeled when  viewed in a quarantine, can be reported on, and can  be reviewed separately.

Automatic software and firmware updates

  • ensures  customers are running the most secure, reliable, and  fully featured version possible.

24x7 or 8x5 technical support

  • gives customers the  peace of mind that should there be an interruption in  their e-mail system, a specialist is on hand at all times  to assist in resolving the issue.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) 

  • provides the timely replacement of a SonicWALL Email Security appliance, if there are any complications with  the hardware.


  • Attackers create a template e-mail attack and send personalized versions to spam servers.
  • Attackers use e-mail servers or Zombies to send e-mails to users worldwide.
  • E-mail attacks contain headers, body and possibly attachments or URLs.
  • URLs in e-mail attacks direct users to spam or phishing sites.