Dxi6700-01-02 Expans Mod 8TB Field Installed

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Part Number: DDY67-UDEX-008A
Language: UK
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The dxi6700 solution integrates the most advanced storage technology into an easy-to-install, preconfigured appliance that includes all software licenses in the base price and that integrates directly into fibre channel backup environments. the dxi6700 appliances give disk-to-disk performance of up to 3.5 tb/hour and provide an easily-shared backup and restore resource for all leading backup applications using a simple fibre channel vtl interface. for disaster recovery protection, the dxi6700 solution replicates encrypted backup data between sites using global deduplication to reduce typical network bandwidth requirements by a factor of 20 or more. and when it comes to long-term retention, the dxi6700 solution is designed to provide direct tape creation in conjunction with leading backup applications.