Soundstation 2w Expandable 1.9GHz Wl 24hr Battery Euro Dect

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SoundStation2W delivers voice quality that is twice as loud and provides twice the microphone sensitivity as the original SoundStation, enabling clearer, natural two-way conversations. Our secure and proven 2.4 GHz and 1.9 GHz platforms provide simple and robust wireless capability with any analog phone line. With reliable 150 foot wireless roaming from the base station, wireless frequency hopping to avoid interference, and a long lasting Lithium-ion battery, the SoundStation2W truly meets today's needs for excellent voice quality and usage flexibility.


  • Standard 2.4 GHz WDCT or 1.9 GHz DECT digital spread spectrum radio
  • 150ft.wirelessrange
  • RechargeableLi-Ionbattery
  • Upto24hrtalktime;160hrstandby
  • 64bitVoiceencryptionforaddedsecurity
  • Auxout(record)activatedfromconsole
  • Greatforgroupconferencinginfacilitiesortemporaryworkspaceswherethereisnoanalogphoneline
  • HoldproductiveconferencecallsovertheInternetbyconnectingtheSoundStation2Wtoyourcomputer
  • Maximumpickupofpersonspeakingwithminimumpickupofbackgroundnoises
  • Easytoreadiconsforwirelessstatus
  • EasytousecallerID,phonebook,conferencing,mute,andhold