Tv Camera Pta317 For PhilIPS Tvs

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Product Details


Share experiences with people that matter to you, wherever they are. With SkypeT on your TV, enjoy voice and video calls for free. Simply connect this high-quality camera to your Internet-connected Philips Smart LED TV and start calling.


  • Keep in touch with Skype
    • Talk face-to-face with live video for free
    • Make calls to phones, anywhere in the world for great rates
    • Talk to more people on one call from your TV
  • Enjoy excellent quality with ease of use
    • Enjoy video calls with high-quality TV camera
    • A clear image no matter where you sit with 3x digital zoom
    • Clear speech regardless of distance and space
    • Universal clamping on all Philips Smart TV Premium TVs

Detailed Features

  • Video calls
    • Enjoy free Skype-to-Skype video calls from your Philips Smart TV. Simply plug the camera into the USB connector of the TV and connect the TV to the Internet. Follow the simple on-screen instructions and you can enjoy face-to-face live video chats with your friends or family in no time.
  • Call phones and mobiles
    • You can call people on Skype for free - but did you know you can even call them from your TV on their phones, anywhere in the world for great rates too? With this Philips TV camera, enjoy high-quality audio with 2 integrated microphones.
  • Conference calls
    • Talk to more people on one call from your TV. Participate in chats with more than 1 friend at a time and make dinner arrangements with everyone for free if they also use Skype.
  • High-quality TV camera
    • The high-quality Philips TV camera for all Philips Smart TV Premium TVs provides excellent video quality. Enjoy video calls in brilliant detail on your large screen TV.
  • 3 x digital zoom
    • With 3-times digital zoom, you can adjust the zoom any way you like it no matter how far you are sitting from the television. In addition, you can also tilt and pan to perfectly adjust the view even if your TV is placed in a corner or not directly in front of the sofa.
  • Echo-cancellation
    • This camera is equipped with echo-cancelling sound processing. This ensures that the echo picked up by the integrated microphones is reduced. Hence, improving the speech clarity of your Skype calls. Enjoy great sound quality.
  • Easy to install
    • Compatible with all Skype certified Philips Smart LED TVs, this camera comes with an easy clamp on for quick installation. Just connect the camera to the USB connector of the TV, so you can enjoy Skype calls in a few easy steps.


  • Convenience
    • Ease of Use: 2-microphone beaming, 3x zoom, pan and tilt function*, Plug and Play, Universal clamping fit any TV, Unlimited fixed focus
  • Dimensions
    • Product weight: 0.12 kg
    • Product dimensions (WxDxH): 105 x 40 x 105 mm
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