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Reaches deeper between teeth
A better clean between teeth for healthy gums
With advanced tufting technology and extra-long bristles, InterCare helps to remove up to 6x more plaque between teeth than a manual toothbrush and improve gum health in just two weeks.

Designed to optimize performance
 Reminder bristles let you know when to use a new InterCare

Advanced InterCare brush head technology
 Anchor-free tufting allows for a denser bristle pack
 Designed for interdental cleaning, gum care and polishing

Fits multiple handles
 Easy snap-on brush head fits multiple handles

Better plaque removal and gum care
 Clinically proven to improve gum health in just two weeks
 Removes up to 6x more plaque between teeth vs manual brushes

Quickly improves gum health
Clinical studies show our new interdental brush head
helps reduce inflammation and bleeding in gums. This
in turn, helps to prevent gingivitis and gum recession,
improving your overall gum health in just two weeks.

Anchor-free tufting
InterCare features advanced anchor-free tufting for
34% more bristles than traditional staple-based

Innovative bristle design
InterCare has an innovative bristle design for
targeted oral health care: interdental cleaning, gum
care and polishing. The extra-long light green bristles
sweep away plaque caught deep between teeth, the
dark green bristles remove plaque trapped along the
gum line and the white bristles polish away surface
stains for naturally whiter teeth.

Easy snap-on brush head
The InterCare brush head snaps on and off your
brush handle, making it easy to change. It fits a wide
range of Sonicare toothbrush handles: DiamondClean,
FlexCare Platinum, FlexCare+, FlexCare, HealthyWhi te and EasyClean.

Reaches deeper between teeth
Featuring extra-long bristles to reach deep between
teeth and along the gum line, our new interdental
brush head helps remove up to 6x more plaque
between teeth than a manual toothbrush.

Reminder bristles
Blue reminder bristles fade to white when it's time
to change your brush head. Cleaning efficacy
diminishes after several months of normal use due to
bristle wear on a visible and microscopic level so you
should replace your brush head every three months


Brush heads included4
Compatible productsFlexCare+, FlexCare, HealthyWhite, EasyClean, DiamondClean, FlexCare Platinum
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