Infrared Muscular Pain Relief (hp3621)

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Product Details


Philips InfraCare gives effective pain relief for muscles and joints. Its 200 Watt infrared warmth is very comfortable and penetrates deep into the skin, improving blood circulation and thereby giving effective relief for focused areas of 20 x 30 cm.


  • Effective pain relief
    • Deep penetrating Infrared warmth
  • Extra-focused treatment
    • 200 Watt Infrared halogen lamp
  • Easy to use
    • Adjustable angle

Additional Features

  • Deep penetrating Infrared warmth
    • Infrared light has been proven to effectively relieve aches and pains caused by muscular pains and stiff joints. The comfortable warmth created by infrared light penetrates deep into your skin, improving blood circulation and warming your muscles. As your muscles are soothed, they automatically loosen up and relax. At the same time, the improved blood circulation helps your body get rid of impurities and quickly sends oxygen-rich blood to stressed or aching muscles, bringing effective pain relief.
  • 200 Watt Infrared halogen lamp
    • The Philips InfraCare HP 3621 has been optimised for effective relief of pains in areas covering 20 x 30 cm, such as a shoulder, an elbow, a calf or the neck. The InfraCare features innovative infrared halogen lamp technology. The special optics, filter and powerful 200 Watt halogen lamp have been optimised to provide a clear focused treatment and now 3 x more comfortable warmth, as the infrared warmth is more equally divided over the treatment area.
  • Adjustable angle
    • The appliance can easily be positioned up to 40 degrees backwards.


  • Technical Specifications
    • Power: 200 W
    • Voltage: 230 V
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Lifetime of lamps: 500 hour(s)
    • Cord length: 2 m
    • Insulation: Class II (double isolation)
  • Dimensions and weight
    • Product dimensions: 20 x 30.9 x 17.2 (WxHxD) cm
    • Product weight: 1.2 kg
    • F-Box dimensions: 28 x 38.6 x 24.5 (WxHxD) cm
    • F-Box weight: 1.6 kg
    • No. of F-boxes in A-box: 3 pcs
    • A-box dimensions: 29 x 40.4 x 74.5 (WxHxD) cm
    • A-Box weight: 4.8 kg
    • Qnt. on Euro pallet: 60 pcs
  • Logistic data
    • CTV code: 884362101000
    • Country of origin: Germany
  • Safety
    • IEC certified: In line with IEC 60601 and 60335
  • Easy to use
    • Adjustability: 0-40 degrees (backwards)
    • Soft-touch handgrip: for easy transport and positioning
    • On/off switch
  • Medical appliance
    • Proven health benefits: supported by Medical Device Directive certificate
  • Effective pain relief
    • Deep penetrating warmth
    • Even warmth distribution: Now up to 3 x more comfortable warmth
  • Focused treatment
    • Treatment area: 20 x 30 cm
    • Infrared halogen lamp: 200 W