Performer Pro Starter Kit Gene

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Product Details


Starter kit for the PerformerPro, with a year's supply of accessories. Including 4x Ultra Long Performance s-bags, 1x HEPA 13 Washable filter, 1x Triple Layer, and 4x packages of s-fresh scent granules


  • Philips Original accessories
    • HEPA 13 washable filter for excellent filtration
    • s-bag Ultra Long Performance for top cleaning results
    • s-fresh is suitable for all bag vacuum cleaners

Detailed Features

  • HEPA 13 washable filter
    • This HEPA13 washable filter captures more than 99.95% of fine dust, wh ich other filters simply recirculate back into the air of your home. It traps the fine particles, such as pollen and dust mites, which trigger allergy and asthma symptons.
  • s-bag Ultra Long Performance
    • Maintain high cleaning performance for longer, thanks to the XXL 5 liter s-bag Ultra Long Performance. Made of premium, multilayer, non- clogging material, the s-b ag Ultra Long Performance guarantees excellent suction power and filtration, lasting up to 80% longer than the standard dust bag.
  • s-fresh
    • s-fresh are scented granules designed to be used with your bag vacuum cleaner, regardless of its brand or size


  • Contains
    • s-bag Ultra Long Performance: 4x
    • s-filter HEPA13 Washable: 1x
    • Triple-layer inlet filter: 1x
    • s-fresh Lemon scent granules: 4x
  • Suitable for
    • Jewel: FC9050 - FC9079
    • Performer: FC9150 - FC9179
    • PerformerPro: FC9180 - FC9189, FC9190 - FC91 99
    • SilentStar: FC9300 - FC9319