Clinic Anti Allergy S Bags - Fc8022/04

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s-bag is the original disposable dust bag designed to fit all cylinder vacuum cleaners from Philips and the Electrolux Group (Electrolux, Volta, Tornado, AEG-Electrolux).


  • No more hassle of searching for the right dust bag
    • s-bag is the standard disposable dust bag
  • Excellent filtration
    • This new s-bag has a HEPA 10 level filtration
  • The perfect choice for allergy sufferers
    • Awarded with the ECARF seal of quality
  • Best performance possible from your dust bag
    • Synthetic dust bag for best performance and filtration
  • Hygienic disposal of dust bag
    • Special closing system

Additional Features

  • s-bag
    • s-bag is the standard disposable dust bag that is widely available and easily recognisable by its logo. It is suitable for bag vacuum cleaners from Philips, Electrolux, AEG, Volta and Tornado.
  • s-bag HEPA — Anti-allergy
    • The new material is providing a filtration level at HEPA 10 that is verified by the Swedish Test Institute, SP. Although the filtration capacity is improved, the clogging performance is maintained thanks to the fine fibre distribution in the material. Higher levels of filtration normally have a negative impact on the clogging performance.
  • ECARF seal of quality
    • Thanks to its high filtration levels, it has been awarded the ECARF seal of quality. ECARF stands for the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (
  • Special closing system
    • No contact with the dust thanks to the patented closing system.


  • Disposable dust bags for:
    • AEG bag vacuum cleaners
    • Electrolux bag vacuum cleaners
    • FC8200 - FC8219
    • FC8380 - FC8399
    • FC8400 - FC8499
    • FC8600 - FC8649
    • FC9000 - FC9099
    • FC9100 - FC9199
    • HR8300 - HR8349
    • HR8368 - HR8378
    • HR8500 - HR8599
    • Tornado bag vacuum cleaners
    • Volta bag vacuum cleaners