Mini Vac Recharg - Fc6148/01

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Product Details


The Philips MiniVac EnergyCare 10.8 V is lightweight and has powerful, long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery technology. The efficient charging system stops using power when the batteries are full, so no energy is wasted.

Add - ons

  • Save energy, not power
    • • Charging system switches off when batteries are full
  • High power guaranteed
    • • Longer-lasting lightweight Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Optimal filtration
    • • Cyclonic airflow and 2-stage filtration system
  • Easy to empty
    • • One-step click-off nozzle
  • Easily cleans delicate surfaces and narrow spaces
    • • Charging stand with brush tool and crevice tool

Additional Features

  • Longer-lasting lightweight Lithium-Ion batteries
    • The powerful Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries of the Philips Mini Vac have longer-lasting power versus standard Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) batteries. Li-Ion batteries are also very lightweight, giving you a more enjoyable cleaning experience.
  • One-step click-off nozzle
    • The Philips MiniVac is easy and quick to empty and hygienic to clean. The Philips MiniVac has a nozzle that easily clicks off in just one step, so you can empty the MiniVac without touching the dirt.
  • Cyclonic and 2-stage filter
    • The Philips MiniVac's cyclonic airflow keeps the dirt inside rotating to ensure optimal high suction power and lasting cleaning performance. Its 2-stage filtration system ensures that, once inside, the dirt cannot escape. The first filter blocks most dirt, while the second filter traps the finer dust particles.
  • Brush tool and crevice tool
    • The charging stand of the MiniVac holds both a brush tool and a crevice tool. The brush tool makes sure you don't damage delicate surfaces when cleaning, while the crevice tool gives you access to hard-to-reach places.
  • System switches off when full
    • The efficient charging system automatically shuts off when the batteries are fully charged. It therefore stops using power and saves energy. Other charging systems normally keep charging even when batteries are full and therefore waste energy.


  • Design
    • Colour: Greige and green
    • Design features: Translucent dust chamber
  • Performance
    • Battery voltage: 10.8 V
    • Battery type: Li-Ion
    • Input power (max): 100 W
    • Suction power (max): 22 W
    • Vacuum (max): 4.3 kPa
    • Airflow (max): 950 l/min
    • Runtime: 9 minute(s)
    • Charging time: 8 hour(s)
    • Noise level (Lc IEC): 81 dB
  • Filtration
    • Dust capacity: 0.5 l
    • Filter system: 2-stage cyclonic action
  • Usability
    • Special features: Soft touch handle, Charging indication
  • Dimensions & weight
    • Weight: 0.8 kg
    • Packaging dimensions (L x W x H): 460 x 160 x 160 mm
    • A-box dimensions (L x W x H): 508 x 335 x 490 mm
    • Appliances per A-box: 6