Bowl For Coffee Bean Ca6803

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Product Details


You can now change beans with only one click. Enjoy the pleasure of playing with beans and find the perfect fit for every preference and moment of the day.


  • Freshness-proof
    • Sealed container thanks to its silicon rubber
    • UV resistant
  • Easy to use and to handle
    • Stackable/fitting with the fridge for easier storage
    • Userfriendly unlocking system for easy removal
  • Easy to Clean
    • Simply with fresh water

Detailed Features

  • Sealed container
    • The full aromas of your favorite beans will be perfectly preserved thanks to our sealed container
  • Simply with fresh water
    • Our Bean Switcher is very easy to clean, simply with fresh water
  • Stackable/fitting
    • Our Bean Switcher is stakable and you can even put it in the refrigerator for easier storage
  • Userfriendly unlocking system
    • The Bean Switcher is very easy to remove thanks to our patented unlocking system.
  • UV resistant
    • Your beans will be protected from UV light thus guaranteeing perfect freshness