PhilIPS Ca6704/60 Acc. Psa Cof.oil Remov

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Product Details


The Saeco Coffee Oil Remover Tablets remove coffee oil and grease perfectly inside the brewing unit of your Espresso machines


  • Sensational coffee quality
    • Maintains the coffee taste over time
  • Effective protection of your espresso appliance
    • Protects Espresso Machines against coffee residue clogging
  • Prolong lifetime
    • Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your Espresso Machine

Detailed Features

  • Coffee Oil Remover
    • The Saeco Coffee Oil Remover Tablets remove all coffee oil residues, while keeping your espresso machine working efficiently for best results.
  • Longer machine life
    • Extend the life of your Espresso Machine to enjoy the maximum potential of your appliance. To ensure a perfect performance overtime, clean your appliance every month or after 500 cups of coffee
  • Better taste and aroma
    •  Regular maintenance ensures the best taste and aroma from your Saeco espresso machine.