Acc. Psa Water Filt(21002050)

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The innovative BRITA INTENZA+ CA6702/00 wa ter filter cartridge has been specially developed to protect your valuable Philips Se aco espresso machine. It filters the water perfectly, intensifying the aro ma and pure taste of your coffee.


  • Intensive coffee aroma
    • Freshly filtered water fo r a richer coffee aroma
    • Adjustable settings for different aroma levels
  • Reliable machine protection
    • More efficient brewing process
    • Protects your system against lime-scale build-up
  • Longer lifetime
    • Cleaner water prolongs the life of your espresso machine
  • Ready to use
    • Click & go system
    • Ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Compatibility guide
    • Compatible with all Saeco appliances, except Saeco Vienna
    • See compatibility guide for details

Detailed Features

  • Intensive coffee aroma
    • Water is a crucial ingredient of every espresso - so for optimum taste, it's alwa ys best to filter it professionally. That's why all Saeco espresso machines can be optionally fitted with the innovative INTENZA+ water filter, which we co-developed with BRITA, the world's No. 1 in household water filters. Just set it to your locati on's hardness level, and its sophisticated technology do es the rest. The result? Ideal water conditions for espresso with the most intense aroma.
  • Aroma System
    • The settings can be adjusted to guarantee optimum aroma enhancement and to suit individual taste.
  • Efficient brewing process
    • The water filter ensures a constant brewing temperature and consistent pressure during the brewing process, enhancing your espresso machine's performance.
  • Reduces lime-scale
    • The INTENZA+ water filter helps protect your machine against the build-up of limescale from tap water, which affects the taste and aroma of your coffee.
  • Longer lifetime
    • The water filter extends the lifespan of your espresso machine, ensuring you can enjoy the best-tasting coffee for longer.
  • Click & go system
    • The water filter cartridge ea sily clicks into the water tank and is ready to use in less than 30 seconds.
  • Replacement recommendation
    • A regular change of the cartridge is important for optimum coffee taste and for consistent protection of your coffee machine. Plea se replace the cartridge every two months.
  • Compatibility guide
    • Compatible with: A modo mio Lavazza, Exprelia,Incanto Base /de luxe, Intellia, Nina manual, Odea, Poemia manual, Pr imea, Royal Old & 2011, Syntia (all), Talea (all), Xeasy 2011, Xelsis, Xsmall, Gaggia Accademia, Gaggia Unica, Gaggia Platinum, Gaggia Brera, My Coffee Spidem.