Prosafe Network Management System Nms300 200 Device Elec License

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Part Number: NMS300L2-10000S
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The NETGEAR® Management System NMS300 delivers insight into network elements, including third-party devices. New web-based user interface provides intuitive user experience, making it easier to monitor and administer an entire network.


  • When you need insight into your infrastructue to control and optimize network operation, the NETGEAR ProSAFE ® Network Management System NMS300 provides the solution. ProSAFE NMS300 helps you configure, manage, and diagnose your network, ensuring it delivers data and services in a timely, reliable and cost effective manner. Easy to use, proactive, and secure, ProSAFE NMS300 facilitates the network administration tasks required to monitor and control sophisticated heterogeneous data networks.
  • ProSAFE NMS300 works with any managed device that uses industry-standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), such as Layer 2 switches, Layer 3 switches from any brand, wireless access points, traditional routers, servers and printers. It automatically discovers and maps up to 200 devices on your heterogeneous network without associated cost: NMS300 is free of charge up to 200 devices - and Managed access points under a Wireless Controller don't even count. Affordable additional 200-device license packs are available for campus networks.
  • Network statistics can be graphed in real time, or stored as historical data for trend analysis. Proactive thresholds
    and alerts, including Email notification, detect bottlenecks and other network problems and inform you of trouble before users start to call.
  • An easy-to-use Web graphical interface enables you to monitor everything from network elements to users and groups of devices - from anywhere in the network.
  • Optimized for NETGEAR managed network products, you can view NETGEAR-specific information, and
    benefit from the following exclusive features:
  • Centralized firmware upgrade
  • Configuration files backup, management and restore
  • For select product categories, local master configuration files editing and mass-config deployment.