Warranty Ext Lfd Group 4 4th+5th Year

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Most NEC Display Products are supplied with generous performance guarantees out of the box, however it is recognised that warranties need to match the expectations of the customers and therefore NEC offers a wide range of warranties that can be added at the point of purchase or during the product's standard lifecycle.

- Warranty extension up to 5 years.
- Valid for all countries within EMEA (ideal for Multinationals).
- Options include repair and return, or return to base service (dependent upon country).
- This warranty extension can be purchased with the main unit.

- Service Type: Depending on area: "Collect repair and return" or "Return to Base" service.
- Terms: Warranty extension can be purchased within 3 months after product delivery.
- Image retention: Image retention is not covered under warranty (please refer to warranty terms & condition). To avoid the so-called "Image Retention", customer has to follow the instructions provided on the NDS-E website.

- Usage: Maximum usage 12/7, Landscape mode only.
- Limitation: The warranty is limited to 22.000 hours usage or 5 years - whatever comes first.

- Usage: Maximum usage 16/7.
- Limitation: The warranty is limited to 30.000 hours usage or 5 years - whatever comes first.


Number of years5 year(s)
CompatibilityE705, V552 TM, X464UNS, X474HB, X554UNV, X651UHD