Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition Xbox One German Blu-ray

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With an immersive open-world experience, intense action, and unmatched level of weapon and character customisation, a new generation of zombie-slaying fun has arrived with Dead Rising 3.


Massive open world

  • Powered by Xbox One, Dead Rising 3 lets you explore the sprawling city of Los Perdidos while staying immersed in the action and breathtaking new-generation visuals.

Two screens, more action

  • Xbox SmartGlass offers a more connected experience. Use your SmartGlass-enabled device to connect to the Zombie Defense and Control network for access to exclusive missions, new weapons, powerful military support features and more.

Tools of zombie destruction

  • The action is gorier than ever as you can create your own tools of destruction to strike back at your attackers in new and imaginative ways. There's also a new emphasis on using vehicles as weapons.

All-new city

  • One of the largest cities in Southern California, Los Perdidos is a leading national centre of business and culture, and the centre of the entertainment industry.

The ultimate zombie sandbox

  • The zombies of Los Perdidos are smarter and deadlier than ever. With intelligent AI and shared awareness, you'll be forced to employ all of your cunning, combat skills and creativity to stay alive.

Sense the danger

  • With Kinect, the zombie horde can hear beyond the screen and will react to you calling out for a more immersive experience. Use motion controls to point and command your survivor posse and even yell insults to taunt your enemies.