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Kinect Sports Rivals,built for the power of Xbox One,captures your likeness as a champion and plunges you into a world of sports competition. Take on your friends,rivals and the entire world.

Xbox One's high-res camera instantly scans and creates a detailed,digital super you,then drops your champion seamlessly into the rich world of intense sports. With precise tracking not only of limbs,but fingers,hands,even facial movements and expressions,Kinect Sports Rivals creates the most accurate and responsive game play ever.


A challenger comes forth

  • And that challenger is you. The unparalleled Kinect technology instantly scans you and captures your likeness as a super you - your champion. Now the game is all about you - How you look,how you act,how you compete. With Xbox One's Real Vision and Shadow technology your champion learns to play like you and competes on your behalf even when you're not around. Competition is always real,and always personal.

Precision unleashed

  • Xbox One's sensor technology reinvents motion game play. With specific tracking not only of limbs,but fingers,hand gestures,even facial movements and expressions,Kinect Sports Rivals makes competition more meaningful. Inches and speed matter. Skill is important. Precision is rewarded. Now small movements make big impacts in the most exciting sports competition.

Always a new experience

  • With different sports happening in multiple zones,you'll find yourself in the middle of a world of gaming and adventure that grows and evolves based on your tastes,skills and experiences. For the adrenaline junkie,carve some waves in wake racing or risk life and limb on rock climbing's towering cliffs. For those with an eye for precision,take aim at target shooting. Fans of the world's game will love soccer,while anyone can get on the ball with tennis and bowling. It's a world full of sports that everyone will enjoy.


Genre Bowling,tennis,mountain climbing,soccer simulation,sport shooting,jet ski
Platform Microsoft Xbox One
Language French
Package Type Retail
Multiplayer Internet
ESRB Rating Everyone 10 and older (10+)
ESRB Content Descriptors Mild violence
PEGI Rating 12
PEGI Content Descriptors Violence
Context Realistic
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Developer Rare
System Requirements
Additional Requirements Kinect