Ink Cartridge #70 Black (012ax970e)

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Genuine Lexmark cartridges generate optimum print quality using pigment−based ink for text that is water resistant and fade resistant for document storage.


  • A new cartridge, a new print head, Like a brandnew printer
    All Lexmark inkjet cartridges have theactual print head, there where the core inkjet technology lies, integrated tothe cartridge bottle. The main advantage to having theprint head as an integrated part to the cartridge is that Lexmark customers geta new print head with each cartridge replacement! This iseach time like getting a brand new printer all over again! No risk ofdeterioration of the print head (and therefore a decreasein quality) during the life of the printer as can be the case with othermanufacturers who integrate the print head as a fixed partinside the printer itself.
  • Resolution: up to 2400x1200 dpi
    Lexmark was the first manufacturer to introduce 1200x1200 dpi print heads. 1200x1200 dots per inch is the ability that Lexmark print heads have to place individual droplets of ink accurately on a 1200x1200 matrix per square inch of paper. Extreme precision and high resolution lead to the first class print quality provided by Lexmark printheads. With the introduction of the Z52 Color Jetprinter that can achieve a resolution of 2400x1200 dpi, Lexmark provides the ultimate in high resolution printing today!
  • The deepest, richest black inks in the industry
    Lexmark uses pigment−based inks for the development of all their black inks. The reason for this is simple as pigmented inks are extremely resistant to fading over time, they are waterproof and even infra−red readable! The Lexmark pigmented black ink ensures maximum performance in black text print quality. The result is incredibly sharp, crisp, laser−quality images and text, even on plain paper!


Resolution up to 1200x1200 dpi for top of the line quality output!
Nozzles 208 laser−crafted nozzles
Ink Chemistry pigment−based
Drop size 28 picoliter
Average Yield
  • 1100 pages @ 5% coverage (Quick Print mode, 600x300 dpi)
  • 600 pages @ 5% coverage (Normal Print mode, 600x600 dpi)