Toner Cartridge Optra T High Yield Return Program Black 25k Pages (12a5845)

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Continuing the innovative family cartridge concept introduced with Optra S, Lexmark has designed the Optra T print cartridges to work in all four models of the Optra T printers from the 15 page per minute Optra T610 to the 35 page per minute Optra T616. This single cartridge solution across such a broad range of products is unique in the industry and provides customers maximum flexibility and the cost savings advantages of ordering and stocking a single cartridge for all their Optra T printing needs. Lexmark offers a wide choice of cartridges allowing customers to choose the solution that best fits their needs. These include Prebate* and non−Prebate standard yield and high yield cartridges, as well as a special cartridge with oiled fuser wipers for customers that do a large amount of label printing. The standard Optra T print cartridge has a yield of 10,000 pages and the high yield cartridge is a 25,000 pages yield offering. These cartridges yields are measured at 5% coverage at comparable industry settings (print darkness = 5). The industry leading 25,000 page capacity of the high yield cartridge means much less operator intervention, inventory and ordering than most competitors' "maximum capacity" cartridges, equating to improved productivity and dramatic savings in hidden operating costs.
* A Prebate cartridge is an all−new cartridge offered at a special discounted price with the understanding you can use it only once and then return it to Lexmark for recycling.


  • Not backward compatible with previous models of Optra printers
    Lexmark has engineered its Optra T print cartridges as an integral component of the Optra T family of laser printers. They are designed and manufactured to meet the extraordinary demands of the Optra T laser printers.
    They will produce consistently superb quality throughout their specified life, including 1200 dpi quality printing with super smooth greyscale transitions at print speeds of up to 35 pages per minute, extremely reliable duplexing, and the ability to print on wide varieties of media from xerographic bond and card stock to transparencies and labels.
    Also, due to the design advancements of the Optra T, fuser wipers are no longer needed with Optra T print cartridges used in standard applications. Extensive label printing applications require oiled fuser wipers.
    The single element "Clean Hands" design of the toner cartridges assures easy, clean installation and removal.
  • Compatibility
    The Optra T print cartridge is unique to the Optra T family of printers. It should not be used in any prior generation of Lexmark printers.
    Existing Lexmark print cartridges, including Optra S and Optra Se print cartridges, should not be used in Optra T printers due to technical incompatibilities.
  • Leading Cost of Printing Solution
    With high capacity and competitive pricing, the Optra T laser print cartridges provide a very attractive price per page.
    Add the additional up−front discount of Lexmark's innovative PrebateTM program, the cost savings of the single cartridge solution, plus the commanding 25,000 page capacity of the high yield cartridge and the Optra T laser print cartridges deliver an industry leading total cost of printing solution.
  • Yield: 25,000 pages at approximately 5% coverage at comparable industry settings (print darkness = 5)