Premierwave Xc Hspa+intelligent Sever Bulk Pack (20 Units) 64 MB

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high speed 3.5g hspa+ intelligent gateway and application server premierwave xc hspa+ is an industrial grade 3.5g wireless solution offering penta-band hspa+ performance, network redundancy, and enterprise-level security for mission critical applications, time sensitive event tracking, and m2m connectivity. flexible & robust premierwave xc hspa+ is a flexible and robust intelligent gateway and application server in a compact industrial-grade ip30 rated housing. it is ideal for deployment in remote locations either as a primary wireless connectivity to host multiple devices or as a backup when ethernet connectivity fails. as with any lantronix product, premierwave xc hspa+ is designed with ease of use in mind without compromising security. safe & secure remote access premierwave xc hspa+ features the industry-proven lantronix device server application suite and enterprise-level security (ssl, ssh, aes) allowing safe and secure remote access and management from practically anywhere. customizable & versatile m2m solution with three primary connectivity modes (ethernet-to-cellular routing, serial-to-cellular tunneling, and serial-to-ethernet tunneling), customizable event tracking/notification, and multiple configuration modes (web browser, cli, and xml), premierwave xc hspa+ is an extremely versatile, secure, and easy to manage m2m wireless solution.