Front Printer For Truper

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Supported Products: Truper 3200, Truper 3600

The Truper pre-scan imprinter allows you to print a user-defined text "string" upon the front side of your documents on a "pre-scan" basis - that is, before they are scanned. These strings can be used to include information about when the document was scanned, who scanned it, the time it was scanned, or any other relevant information about the document.

The Truper pre-scan imprinter is user installable.

Includes: 1 imprinter, 1 black ink cartridge
Usage: front page (pre-scan) imprinter prints the user-specified alphanumeric string on
the front side of documents.


Compatible productsTr?per 3200, Tr?per 3600
Quantity per pallet1 pcs
Technical features1 imprinter
1 black ink cartridge