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The sceye's the limit with the document scanning camera
sceye is an innovative document scanner for professional users which effectively photographs a document to create a digital image. It makes sceye great for customer facing situations such as in the banking, insurance, medical or public sectors or anywhere when scanning a document in the context of a business process is required.

A laser projects a rectangle frame onto a desk and all that is needed is for a document to be placed into it and a snapshot will be taken. Within two seconds, the image is processed, de-skewed and cropped to its actual dimension. An OCR engine then reads the content and the scanned image is stored as a PDF, searchable PDF, TIFF or JPEG instantly without the requirement for a mouse or keyboard.

sceye supports resolutions from 100 to 400 dpi in black and white, greyscale and colour.

With sceye, you can scan anything: small receipts, business cards, stapled paperwork or pages directly from a folder, binder, passport or book.

sceye is USB-powered and therefore an excellent choice for mobile applications. The TWAIN driver has integrated image processing functions which eliminate the need for manual corrections after a snapshot is taken.

Compatible with both Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems, sceye has a stylish design and small footprint - it just fits and works everywhere. sceye and sceyeX Mono Pro are maintenance free and come with a three-year warranty.

sceye scanners come in two different versions:
- sceyeX - offering black and white, greyscale and colour image capture, with outstanding image quality.
- sceyeX MonoPro - the specialist camera without colour mode but offering an extra boost in image sharpness and clarity for black and white and greyscale.

sceye scanners are:
- Easy to use. Just open it up and it's ready to go. There aren't any buttons.
- Flexible. Enables you to scan books, cards, small packages just as easily as scanning paper documents.
- Fast. Several automated features make sceye extremely quick to use.
- User friendly. No need to remove staples or unbind documents as sceye sees the documents how you see them.
- Maintenance free as there are no moving parts.

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Document Scanner

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36 cm (14.17 inches)


10 cm (3.94 inches)


12 cm (4.72 inches)


740 g (26.10 ounces)