Virtuoso Stylus Black

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Tablets are great fun to use-until you realise that every time you touch one to navigate or type, you're just adding another smudge to the tablet screen. The fact is, no matter how clean your hands are they naturally emit oils. And oils and tablet screens don't get along. Before you know it, your screen is covered with grease and oils that not only make it difficult to see the screen but also attract dirt and grime that can permanently scratch and damage your tablet screen.Fortunately there's a simple solution that not only keeps your screen clean, but also adds accuracy and comfort. It's the Kensington Stylus.

- Create, annotate and capture your ideas on iPad with a smooth touch tip
- Comfort grip barrel is soft and durable for everyday use
- Silicon soft tip glides smoothly across the iPad screen and provides more accuracy than a sponge tip
- Alternative and matching colour accessories available in the Kensington range
- Capacitive design maximises control sensitivity
- Stylish black finish


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