Microsaver Custom Keyed Ultra Notebook Lock Master

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Part Number: K67705M
Language: UK
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Protect workstations, printers, and even vast numbers of linked computers in libraries, labs and other public areas. Lock down technology in place temporarily to prevent equipment drift. A master key helps with misplaced personal keys or an expanding key ring. Unlock equipment quickly and easily without having to look for the correct key. Replace, relocate and secure IT infrastructure components with a single key that can unlock any lock in your security system


  • High security barrel & Round Key Round KeyProvides superior protection against lock pickinglock with anti-rotation pins and tamper evident feature
  • Online key code registration and replacement service
  • Patented T-Bar T-BarPatent protected lockhead design is strongest  lock head with anti rotation pins and anti tamper feature
  • Total security, easy individual access
  • 8mm thick and 1800mm long high-carbon steel cable