Microsaver Twin Notebook Lock

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The MicroSaver lock head features the patented T-Bar T-BarPatent protected lockhead design is strongest avai…locking mechanism. The T-Bar T-BarPatent protected lockhead design is strongest avai…provides a tight fit with the Kensington Security Slot.Kensington Security SlotIndustry standard slot to connect a security cable… A rubber bumper ensures a snug fit between the lock and the security slot and protects your hardware. A further deterrent is the tamper evident feature. When a Kensington MicroSaver lock is tampered with, it locks itself down and can even trap foreign keys. All Kensington locks are built to exacting engineering standards. This lock is rated as Safe SafeLocks engineered and tested to Kensington's exacti…Pro, a rating awarded to Kensington Security Locks that are tested under stringent test conditions by third party testing agencies for their ability to withstand attacks. We provide two keys with each standard lock. Each key is stamped with a unique code. Register your code online and we’ll be able to send you a replacement key. Our business is protecting yours Kensington locks are made with high-carbon steel cables and tested under rigorous real-world conditions to resist lock-picking, corrosion, tampering and extreme environments. Our locks set the industry standards, and continue to exceed them. Master keyed solutions available Master keyed solutions allow you to tailor the physical security of equipment to specific business needs. Regulate access with a set of locks that can be opened by a master key. Offer employees unique, individual keys to their own locks while you keep a master key. Or give employees identical keys to unlock shared equipment—perfect for community laptops and A/V equipment.


  • Secure two items with two high security barrel & Round Key Round KeyProvides superior protection against lock pickinglock heads with anti-rotation pins and tamper evident feature
  • 5.3mm thick and 2200mm long high-carbon steel cable
  • Administrator-only, administrator access with user keys and shared access master keyed solutions available.
  • Online key code registration and replacement service
  • Second patented T-Bar T-BarPatent protected lockhead design is strongest avai…lock head slides along cable for flexible deployment