Intel Omni-path Host Fabric Interface Adapter 100 Series 1 Port Pci-e X16 Lp

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High performance computing (hpc) solutions require the highest levels of
performance, scalability, and availability to power complex application workloads. designed specifically for hpc, intel® omni-path host fabric interface (hfi) adapters, an element of the intel® scalable system framework, use an advanced "on-load" design that automatically scales fabric performance with rising server core counts, making these adapters ideal for today's increasingly demanding workloads.

multiple performance levels

two intel® omni-path host fabric adapter models are available to help fabric designers maximize performance versus cost for diverse requirements. the
pcie x16 model supports the full 100 gbs line rate. the pcie x8 model supports the same 100 gbps link rate, while the narrower pcie connection limits actual data rates to 56 gbps.

advanced quality of service (qos)

intel omni-path host fabric interface adapters provide the foundation for powerful and efficient traffic control. data is segmented into 65-bit flow control digits (flits), which are assembled into much larger link transfer packets (ltps) for efficient wire transfer. by managing traffic at the flit level, intel® omni-path architecture