ServeRAID M5100 512MB Flash/raid 5 Upg

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Part Number: 81Y4487
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MegaRAID SafeStore encryption services offer instant secure erase and local key management for self-encrypting drives. This technology represents a significant step forward in securing data on a disk drive from any unauthorized access or modification resulting from theft, loss, or repurposing of drives. Instant secure erase permanently removes data when repurposing or decommissioning SEDs. SafeStore local key management provides the necessary management and protection of SEDs using a simple pass phrase, security key identifier, and security key file that can be set and applied to all SEDs assigned to a ServeRAID adapter. This feature removes the complexity of managing each SED's unique encryption key, and it essentially relieves the administrator of most of the daily tasks of securing data. The SafeStore is part of any RAID 5 upgrade that is available: 81Y4544, 81Y4484, 81Y4487, 81Y4559, or 47C8670.


Supported hard disk drive interfacesSAS, Serial ATA III
RAID levels5
SSD supportYes
Internal memory512 MB
CompatibilityServeRAID M5100 Series