HP School Pack 2.0 Upgrade

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Meet and exceed the global requirements of learners with HP School Pack 2.0, an out-of-the box solution of digital tools and content designed for collaborative, standards-aligned, and personalized learning. The bundle includes HP Adaptive Learning created by Fishtree1, HP Touchpoint Manager for Education Basic2, HP Classroom Manager3, HP Prime Graphing Calculator App, Classlink4, Codecademy5, Corinth Classroom6, Curriculum Matrix7, OUP Advanced Learner's Dictionary, and SPARKvue.


  • Harness technology and embrace flexibility to redefine the classroom : HP School Pack 2.0 is ready to deploy right from your school's HP hardware and mobile devices, complete with digital tools to support learning in the classroom. 10 education programs encompassing solutions in personalized learning, STEM, language arts, classroom management, social networking, and device security/ theft deterrence. HP School Pack 2.0 is ready to support your 21st century learners.
  • Lock-tight security at your fingertips : Help protect student devices and data with a Web-based2 security protocol that can remotely track, locate, and secure IT assets, lock a lost or stolen device, and delete personal data from a single console.
  • Thousands of vetted resources for educators and their students : Through the cloud students and educators can access real-time resources that come from well respected publishers, and fellow educators. The material can be personalized and based on student need to support learning outcomes. Educators can also upload and share their lessons with students, and colleagues quickly and easily. Content just became accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • True collaboration in and out of the classroom : With HP School Pack 2.0 software it's a cinch to incorporate more collaborative activities and projects which bring about deeper learning. Students and educators can communicate in the cloud. Students can also more comfortably reach out for help or to engage other peers with digital tools that support and encourage ongoing, open collaboration.
  • STEM activities and lessons to engage and challenge : HP School Pack 2.0 offers STEM programs that are hands-on, include 2D/ 3D models, and provide lessons and educator support to get the most out of each science subject. Our STEM partners provide exceptional data collection, visualization, and analysis tools within a content-rich science environment and a comprehensive mathematics tool that allows students to calculate with confidence. Incorporating STEM in the classroom just got so much easier and it's fun for students and educators alike.
  • Upgrades : If choosing to upgrade to HP School Pack 2.0 software from HP hardware already running HP School Pack once the order is submitted the customer will receive a paper license and a license key with instructions on how to download the 2.0 upgrade package.