Paper Coated 90g/m² A1 594mmx45.7m (q1442a)

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HP Coated Paper, 90 g/m², A1/594 mm, 45,7 m roll Generate colour-accurate everyday prints, working comps and design proofs with this economical, bright white paper. It beautifully captures vivid, high-resolution colour and dense black images and is an ideal choice for printing colour line drawings, illustrations and light ink-density graphics. The HP Designjet printing solution consisting of printer, ink supplies and media is custom-engineered, tested and guaranteed to provide consistent, exceptional-quality results at any time.


  • Special surface coating designed to ensure accurate colour reproduction – including spot colours.
  • Immediate drying ensures maximum productivity with no waiting around.
  • Choice of roll lengths – including 91 m for reliable, trouble-free unattended printing.
  • 3 months indoor lightfastness – ideal for indoor signs and posters that are changed frequently.

Compatible With

  •  Designjet 800ps (42-inch) printer
  •  Designjet 5500 printer (42-inch model)
  •  Designjet 5500mfp
  •  Designjet 430 (36-inch) printer
  •  Designjet 430 (24-inch) printer
  •  Designjet 500ps (42-inch) printer
  •  Designjet 130 Printer
  •  Designjet 5500 printer (60-inch model)
  •  Designjet 4000 Printer
  •  Designjet 4000ps Printer
  •  Designjet 500 (24-inch) printer
  •  Designjet 500 (42-inch) printer
  •  Designjet 1055cm plus printer
  •  Designjet 130gp Printer
  •  Designjet 500ps (24-inch) printer
  •  Designjet 5500ps printer (42-inch model)
  •  Designjet 800 (24-inch) printer
  •  Designjet 130nr Printer
  •  Designjet 800 (42-inch) printer
  •  Designjet 815mfp
  •  Designjet 5500ps printer (60-inch model)
  •  Designjet 5500ps uv printer system (60-inch model)
  •  Designjet 800ps (24-inch) printer
  •  Designjet 5500 uv printer system (60-inch model)
  •  Designjet 1050c plus printer
  •  Designjet 5500 uv printer (42-inch model)
  •  Designjet 5500ps uv printer (42-inch model)