Iron-on T-shirt Transfers Paper A4 10sheet (C6050A)

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Part Number: C6050A
Language: UK
Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Product Details


HP Iron-On T-Shirt Transfers for printing your own designs on T-shirts and fabrics


  • Works on any heat-tolerant fabric.
  • Produces bright, crisp images with greater durability against fading.
  • Easy peel-off backing.

Compatible With

  • HP DeskJet 690C Series Printers
  • HP DeskJet 720C Printer
  • HP DeskJet 820Cxi/850C/870Cxi Series Printers
  • HP DeskJet 890C Printer [Compatible for colour line drawings only.]
  • HP DeskJet 1100C Printer
  • HP DeskJet 1120C Printer
  • HP DeskJet/DeskWriter 600 Series Printers
  • HP DeskJet 660C/670C/HP DeskWriter 660C/670C Printers
  • HP DeskJet 695C Printer
  • HP DeskJet 895Cxi Printer
  • HP 2000C/CN Professional Series Colour Printers
  • HP DeskJet 710C Printer
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 1170C/1175C Printers
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 1150C Printer
  • HP CopyJet Printer
  • HP CopyJet M Printer
  • HP DeskJet 880C Printer
  • HP 2500C/CM Professional Series Colour Printers
  • HP DeskJet 610C Printer
  • HP OfficeJet Series 700/710/725 Printer-Fax-Copier-Scanner
  • HP DeskJet 815C Printer
  • HP DesignJet ColorPro GA Printer
  • HP DesignJet ColorPro CAD Printer
  • HP OfficeJet T65 Printer-Fax-Copier-Scanner
  • HP PhotoSmart P1000/P1100 Printers
  • HP OfficeJet R45 Colour Printer-Fax-Copier-Scanner
  • HP OfficeJet R65 Colour Printer-Fax-Copier-Scanner
  • HP OfficeJet T45 Printer-Fax-Copier-Scanner
  • HP DeskJet 930/950/970cxi Series Printers