Ink Cartridge No 82 Yellow (69ml)

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The HP No. 82 Yellow Ink Cartridge is part of a modular ink system that achieves ultimate photo-quality images in concert with the HP No. 11 printheads and HP No. 10 Black ink cartridge. Smart chips embedded into each of the individual printheads and ink cartridges track printhead wear and ink usage to deliver fast printing automatically. Print longer between supply changes with larger capacity HP No. 82 color ink cartridges and smart chips that continuously monitor ink levels so that you will not run out of ink unexpectedly.


  • Small Drop Sizes 
    • Four-pico liter color drops combine with HP's color layering technology to layer multiple drops on a single dot to create smooth color transitions and ultimate photo-quality results-even close up. 
    • Up to 2400 dpi color and up to 1200 dpi black combines with small drop sizes to create high-resolution black and color lines that are always clear and sharp. 
  • 1/2 inch-wide printheads
    • New one-half-inch-wide printheads feature 300 nozzles per printhead to deliver fast printing. This results in up to two-times faster black printing and up to three-times faster color printing than HP DesignJet 400 and 700 Series printers. 
  • Modular ink delivery system
    • Separate printheads and large-capacity ink cartridges allow users to replace individual supplies as needed, which saves time and money. 
    • Each HP No. 11 printhead is performance-engineered to last through five to six ink cartridge changes, on average, depending upon usage. 
  • Built-in smart chips
    • Smart chips embedded in each HP No. 11 printhead track printhead wear and alert users when it's time to replace. The benefit? Consistent, high-quality printing without guesswork. 
    • HP No. 82 color and HP No. 10 black ink cartridges continuously monitor ink levels so users don't run out of ink unexpectedly. 


Unit Weight  0.35 lbs 
Unit Dimensions  4.7 x 1.4 x 5.5 in.
Volume  69 ml