HP VESA Plate Slice (X8U74AA)

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Part Number: X8U74AA
Language: UK
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Easy on and off


Footnote [01][1] Sold separately.
Footnote [02][2] HP Elite Slice Covers require factory configuration and cannot be used with other HP Elite Slice Covers.
HeadlineLock it down
HeadlineMix and match
Key selling pointAssemble and disassemble the HP VESA Plate from your configuration with the easy Quick Release latch.
Key selling pointSecuring your solution is simpler than ever with an integrated universal lock slot that allows you to lock your HP Elite Slice and HP VESA Plate together with one cable lock.[1]
Key selling pointUse the HP VESA Plate with a stacked configuration of an HP Elite Slice and HP Wireless Charging or HP Collaboration Cover[2], HP Audio Module, and HP ODD Module.[1]