HP USB-C 15W AC Adapter (N4G74AA)

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Part Number: N4G74AA
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Product Details


Get 15 watts of power, and more bandwidth than USB 3.0 in a slimmer connector, with the HP 15W USB-C AC Adapter.


Device Type Power adapter - external
Localisation English / Europe
Power Device
Output Voltage DC 5 V
Electric Current Per Port 3 A
Power Capacity 15 Watt
Dimensions & Weight
Width 5.7 cm
Depth 4.5 cm
Height 2.8 cm
Weight 110 g
Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
Shipping Width 22 cm
Shipping Depth 15 cm
Shipping Height 5.5 cm
Shipping Weight 280 g
Compatibility Information
Designed For HP Pavilion x2 10-n000na, 10-n000nc, 10-n000nd, 10-n000nf, 10-n000np, 10-n000ns, 10-n000nw, 10-n001na, 10-n001nc, 10-n001nd, 10-n001nf, 10-n001ng, 10-n001nm, 10-n001np, 10-N001NS, 10-n002na, 10-n002nc, 10-n002nd, 10-n002nf, 10-n002ng, 10-n002nl, 10-n002ns, 10-n003na, 10-n003nc, 10-n003nf, 10-n003TU, 10-n004na, 10-n004nc, 10-N004NF, 10-n004TU, 10-n005na, 10-n005nc, 10-n005nf, 10-n005TU, 10-n006nf, 10-n010ca, 10-n010nl, 10-n010nw, 10-n011nl, 10-n020nw, 10-n030ca, 10-n030ng, 10-n031ng, 10-n081ng, 10-n081no, 10-n082no, 10-n100ns, 10-n101ns, 10-n102nf, 10-n102ns, 10-n104nf, 10-N106NA, 10-n107na, 10-n108na, 10-n110nd, 10-n200na, 10-n200nd, 10-n200nf, 10-n200ng, 10-n200nl, 10-n201nd, 10-n201nf, 10-n201ng, 10-n201nl, 10-n202na, 10-n202nb, 10-n202nd, 10-n202nl, 10-n202np, 10-n203nf, 10-n203np, 10-n210nf, 10-n210nz, 10-n220nz, 10-n230ng, 10-n231ng, 10-n232ng, 10-n281ng