Memory 4GB DIMM DDR3L (N1M46AA)

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HP 4GB DIMM DDR3L Memory (N1M46AA). Maximize your business PC performance with HP Memory. Upgrading your memory is a cost-effective way to boost your system performance without having to upgrade your processor.


  • Dual channel configuration - HP Desktops feature motherboards designed with two memory channels instead of a single channel.
  • Reduce system latencies and significantly improve your system performance with dual channel memory configurations by utilizing the theoretical bandwidth of two memory modules instead of one.
  • Expect fast start-up times with reduced delays during routine operations and system maintenance functions. Meet everyday workloads head on, and run more programs simultaneously. Easily toggle back and forth between several open applications with noticeable speed.
  • Your performance is our business. Each HP Memory model undergoes a rigorous supplier qualification processes for ensured quality and reliability in a variety of networked environments.