HPE StoreEasy 3850 Gateway Storage

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Part Number: K2R69A
Language: UK
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Optimized: Tailored for File Services


DifferentiatorStoreEasy 3850 Gateway chassis with support for one or two StoreEasy 3850 nodes.
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Footnote [01][1] "Plan to Deploy Data Deduplication," Microsoft, August 2012
HeadlineEfficient: Saves You Money and Time
HeadlineHighly Available: Prevent Disruption to Your Business and Users
HeadlineSecure: Protect Your Data Always
Key selling pointCluster up to eight gateways for high availability and with transparent failure, enabling continuity of data access in the event of a failure or for online rolling maintenance updates.
Key selling pointDeploy faster with pre-configured hardware pre-loaded with the latest generation storage OS, HPE StoreEasy wizards that simplify gateway installation and prevent configuration errors, and a complement of best practice white papers.
Key selling pointDynamically identify files based on content policies and implement sophisticated access controls using File Classification Infrastructure and Active Directory Rights Management Services.
Key selling pointEnable employees to securely access data from anywhere using a broad range of mobile devices via the included Work Folders file sync and share feature.
Key selling pointIncrease uptime with hardware resiliency features that are included as standard such as mirrored OS drives, redundant fans and power supplies, advanced memory protection, and continuous health monitoring via the HPE Active Health System.
Key selling pointKnow that you are backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology Services support specialists who are trained in StoreEasy and file storage, and who are ready to assist if needed.
Key selling pointMonitor key status information such as capacity utilization, performance, and health in a single interface with the HPE StoreEasy Dashboard, and receive low capacity email alerts to minimize disruptions.
Key selling pointProtect data while at rest with file system encryption and data drive encryption, and while in flight with SMB Encryption and SMB Signing.
Key selling pointProvision large file systems with confidence thanks to online file system healing.
Key selling pointReduce cost and complexity by installing virus scanning software and data protection agents onboard.
Key selling pointSave an average of 50 to 60% capacity with sub-file deduplication and compression [1], and reduce branch office WAN usage by automatically caching frequently accessed files with BranchCache.
Key selling pointSupport thousands of users concurrently accessing their files and consolidate multiple diverse workloads via a broad range of file protocols.
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Short product nameStoreEasy 3000 Storage
What is new supporting pointDouble-Take Availability from Vision Solutions pre-loaded (14-day trial license).
What is new supporting pointHPE StoreEasy 3850 Gateway with one or two clusterable nodes per 2U chassis.
What is new supporting pointLow capacity notifications to minimize disruptions with enhanced HPE StoreEasy Dashboard.