Brocade 16Gb/28 SAN Switch for BladeSystem c-Class

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Differentiator16 Gb/s SAN Switch with (16) 16 Gb/s internal ports and (12) 16 Gb/s external ports
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HeadlineEnables Data Center Consolidation and Cost Savings Through State-of-the-art Design and Performance
HeadlineEnables High Density Virtualization and Deployment of I/O Intensive Applications on HP BladeSystems
HeadlineSimplifies Data Center Management Through Integration with Management Platforms and Tools
Ideal forAs the worldwide leader in storage area networks products and solutions, HP Storage delivers the flexible, open, standards-based storage infrastructure solutions to enable your Adaptive Infrastructure.
Key selling pointEnables the use of industry standard interfaces to integrate management with other applications.
Key selling pointLeverages existing HP B-series management and monitoring tools.
Key selling pointEnables organizations to better manage data flows and meet service level agreements while maintaining optimized application performance in virtual environments with new Adaptive Networking services, including Adaptive Fabric Quality of Service, Traffic Isolation, and Ingress Rate Limiting.
Key selling pointEnables support of virtualized environments through industry leading 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel performance. Both internal and external facing ports auto-sense lower bandwidth components for flexibility and investment protection (4, 8 or 16 Gb/s for external ports and 8 or16 Gb/s for internal ports).
Key selling pointSupports port trunking of up to 8 SAN ports for a total of up to 128 Gb/s balanced throughput. Trunking of the SAN-facing ports with external Brocade or HP B-series Switches provides a high-bandwidth solution while lowering costs through fewer SFPs and cables.
Key selling pointThe Brocade 16 Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class enables data center consolidation with HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosures through a state-of-the-art zero-footprint design while lowering cost through shared power and cooling, fewer cables and SFPs and a reduction in space.
Key selling pointThe Brocade 16 Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class integrates with HP Onboard Administrator for BladeSystem, HP Systems Insight Manager, and HP Storage Essentials.
Key selling pointThe Brocade 16 Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class offers a non-blocking architecture that supports up to 896 Gb/s of full duplex throughput.
OverviewAre you looking for a higher performance embedded Fibre Channel switch option for your HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure? The Brocade 16Gb SAN Switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class represents the next generation of embedded Fibre Channel switches with 16 Gb/s performance. It hot-plugs into the back of the HP BladeSystem c-Class Enclosure and its integrated design frees up rack space, enables shared power and cooling, and reduces cabling and small form-factor pluggables. Enhanced trunking support with external switches provides higher bandwidth to enable demanding applications and high density server virtualization. In addition, the 16 or 28 auto-sensing ports support lower bandwidth components for investment protection and an upgrade license enables customers to 'pay as they grow'. The Brocade 16Gb SAN Switch saves space and cost, simplifies the SAN environment, enables easier deployment and management and delivers the performance required for higher throughput applications.
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What is new supporting point16 downlink Internal ports and 12 uplink (SFP+ or SFP) external ports
What is new supporting pointInternal Port Support for 8 Gb/s and 16 Gb/s BladeSystem Fibre Channel Mezzanine cards. For specific support details see HP BladeSystem Fibre Channel Adapters
What is new supporting pointNew 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel embedded switch for HP BladeSystem c-Class Enclosures
What is new supporting pointSupport for up to six switches per c7000 chassis