Data Cartridge LTO7 Ultrium 15 TB RW Non-Custom Labeled 20pk

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Saves Time, Money and Mistakes


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HeadlineExcellent Value for Money
HeadlineSimple, Fast and Convenient
Key selling pointEach 20-pack of labeled tapes follows a sequence for ease of use: predetermined by HPE and guaranteed to be unique No codes are ever repeated.
Key selling pointHPE barcode labels use Tri-Optic products to produce labels that will not peel, distort, reflect or fade. Labels are applied professionally, in a clean, controlled environment to prevent backup disruptions and drive damage.
Key selling pointHPE Non-custom Labeled cartridges can be used in any HPE and non-HPE LTO Ultrium, DLT and SDLT drives.
Key selling pointHPE's Non-custom Labeled media costs the same as its unlabeled media.
Key selling pointManual labeling is a slow, laborious, error-prone process. With custom labeled media, IT staff no longer have to waste hours peeling, sticking and attaching barcode labels to individual cartridges.
Key selling pointNow includes LTO-7 data cartridges
Key selling pointPre-sequenced media cuts lead times to days because they can be shipped off the shelf, usually within 2-3 working days.
Key selling pointRFID non-custom label: provides strong ROI as a result of operational efficiencies.
Key selling pointRFID non-custom labels: Increases the real time visibility of media so the datacenter can quickly recognize a missing tape and thus reduce a chance of data breaches which can incur heavy fines and brand damage.
Key selling pointRFID non-custom labels: Operational efficiencies as a result of bulk reading of media and line of sight reading not being necessary.
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What is new supporting pointNow includes HPE LTO-7 Ultrium