Archive Manager Base MSL 50TB E-LTU

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Effectively Offload Data Sets to an LTO Tape Library Archive


HeadlineCustomize Archive Policies to Meet Your Business Needs
HeadlineSave Money and Declutter Primary Storage with Cost-effective and Proven LTO Tape Media
Ideal forIT Environments that want low-cost, long-term storage archive for data sets that must be retained but only require limited access.
Key selling pointActively manage an archive of unused or infrequently accessed data sets by moving data from primary storage to a virtualized LTO Tape Library.
Key selling pointAs data ages, create policies to copy, move, stub, and migrate data to allow for effective long-term LTO tape storage.
Key selling pointIntegrate with existing data verification tools to automate media integrity.
Key selling pointOffload cold or stale data to Tape Libraries and complement existing data workflow.
Key selling pointOptions to effectively customize policy for identifying and migrating data to be copied or transferred to an archive.
Key selling pointReduce backup times by offloading infrequently accessed data sets to long-term Tape archive.
Key selling pointScale to thousands of terabytes allowing flexibility and easy access to the data.
Key selling pointSet up policies for multiple copies of data sets, on-site or at other locations on the network.
Key selling pointSimple data migration from primary storage to proven and reliable LTO Tape media.
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