Microsoft Windows SBS 2011 Premium Add-on 5 Device CAL Eng/French/Italian/German/Spanish Lic

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Help Protect Business Data


HeadlineGreater Business Insight
HeadlineIncrease Business Productivity
HeadlineSimplify Small Business IT
Ideal forFor small businesses with up to 75 users, SBS 2011 Standard is a first server solution with key workloads to be productive and competitive.
Key selling pointClient Protection: Monitors client computers for antivirus status, update compliance, and overall security health.
Key selling pointDesktop Synergies with Windows and Office: By combining Windows® and Microsoft Office® with Windows Small Business Server 2011, you will be more efficient and effective, to easily collaborate, to work remotely, and to feel confident that all your critical business data is protected.
Key selling pointEnhanced Support and experience for Line-of-Business with Premium Add-On Application: Run a vast number of line-of-business applications on a second server, and enjoy a powerful data management and analysis solution.
Key selling pointFull Client Backup: Performs a daily, automatic, backup of every computer on a network and the server itself.
Key selling pointInformation Organization: Streamline document access and control information sharing using a centralized data repository that can be accessed from any computer on the network.
Key selling pointMobile Device Support: Integrated setup features configure Exchange 2010 so that you can easily add Windows Phone or other Internet-enabled phones.
Key selling pointNetwork-wide Protection: Complete, network-wide security with integrated state of the art protection technologies.
Key selling pointRemote Web Access: Provides a single, simple, consolidated, and highly secure entry point into a small business network. Access files and documents from inside and outside the business through any common web browser.
Key selling pointRun Business Applications: Supports critical line-of-business applications and runs them on a secure award winning platform.
Key selling pointSimplified Backup for Business Data: Businesses can easily backup server and client data to external and/or internal hard drives.
Key selling pointSimplified Management: Reduce administration costs by using an intuitive management interface, one that presents relevant system information and a matching set of tasks.
Key selling pointSimplified Purchase and Setup: Identify, purchase, install, and manage multiple components and technologies together in an interoperable single-server experience.
Key selling pointTailored to Online Services: Provides a cross-premise solution, allowing small businesses to retain core infrastructure and enables simple, single sign-on experiences with cloud-based services.
What is new supporting pointDo more remotely with Remote Web Access. It includes: secure, anywhere access to your files through any web browser; a personalized website address to download and upload files to shared folders.
What is new supporting pointGet a simplified setup experience, the ability to let users connect their own PC and enhanced source server validation tools for better for migration.
What is new supporting pointGet richer reporting and seamless integration as it includes SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition. SQL Server Standard Back up Compression reduces the time and the size of data backups by up to 60%.
What is new supporting pointIf you have limited IT resources, but need to run a large number of applications, use SBS 2011 Premium Add On. This is the perfect solution for applications that share a centralized database.
What is new supporting pointSBS 2011 Standard features Microsoft SharePoint® Foundation Services 2010. This includes: New Office Web Apps, an improved Remote Web Access, and Built-in monitoring, alerts, and admin tools.
What is new supporting pointYou will get: Remote Access, deterministic shutdown ordering, an extensible health monitoring infrastructure, an easy-to-use interface and automatic backup of business data & simple recovery features.