HPE StoreFabric SN1100E 4-port 16GB Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter

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High-performance, Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters


DifferentiatorQuad-port 16Gb Fibre Channel PCIe HBA
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HeadlineFour Ports for Additional Bandwidth
HeadlineOutstanding Fibre Channel HBAs for Virtualization
Ideal forAs the worldwide leader in storage area networks products and solutions, HP Storage delivers the flexible, open, standards-based storage infrastructure solutions to enable your Adaptive Infrastructure.
Key selling pointAllows a single port to acquire multiple N Port IDs, reducing the need for additional physical ports.
Key selling pointAllows power savings resulting in lower operating expenditures.
Key selling pointData center administrators do not need to concern themselves with multiple requests from the virtualized servers potentially creating conflict.
Key selling pointImproves host utilization and enhances application performance.
Key selling pointMoving to 16 Gb technology provides the infrastructure required for the more powerful servers and data intensive applications in virtualized environments.
Key selling pointScale physical resources through consolidation and virtualization.
Key selling pointThe HPE StoreFabric SN1100 16Gb Host Bus Adapters allow IT departments to do more with less: less hardware, less power, less cooling, less personnel, and less budget.
Key selling pointThe HPE StoreFabric SN1100 16Gb Host Bus Adapters are ideal for the implementation of virtual servers with the power to drive multiple virtual machines.
Key selling pointThe HPE StoreFabric SN1100 16Gb Host Bus Adapters deliver twice the I/O performance of 8 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) HBAs.
Key selling pointThey optimize existing resources by deploying an effective adaptive server solutions.
Key selling pointWhen using storage intensive applications like backup/restore, database transactions, virtualization and rich media, the improved I/O performance enables faster storage and retrieval of data.
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Short product nameHPE StoreFabric SN1100E 16Gb 4-port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter
What is new supporting point16 Gb FC HBAs (single port, dual port, quad port) with PCIe Gen3 support.